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What is the best teeth whitening product on the market?


Choosing the “best” of all teeth whitening product available in the market can be tedious, given the wide range of products. There are a large number of teeth whitening products and solutions that promise to give teeth a whiter color. Nowadays, almost all teeth whitening products offer a certain degree of whitening effect for a variety of price ranges. However, if you want the best, you may need to spend more than you expect.


The best teeth whitening product in the market has been classified into 2 main types:

  • Dental whitening in the office
  • Solutions for whitening teeth at home.


1. Office Tooth Whitening Products

Office dental bleaching solutions are primarily procedures involving the use of a whitening gel (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide) to whiten teeth. Also known as the professional whitening procedure, dental whitening treatments in the office provide optimal results in 60 to 90 minutes. These procedures are performed by expert cosmetic dentists and are usually expensive.

There are many teeth whitening procedures commonly used today, such as:

  • LaserSmile
  • Zoom
  • Britesmile
  • LumaArch
  • Rembrandt Sapphire
  • Opalesnece

There are many other similar options that you can try. These procedures also involve the use of a lit light to activate the procedure and make the results more efficient.

2. Products for whitening teeth at home

Teeth whitening products are usually the ones that can be used at home without problems. This broad category of teeth whitening products includes a wide range of items that must be selected based on the user’s reference. Almost all teeth whitening products produce mild to moderate effects that last a few days if properly maintained.

You have several options in the case of teeth whitening products at home because they are ready to be used and are available without a prescription.

The range of home teeth whitening product in the market includes:

1. Dental Tooth Whitener Kits distributed by the dentist:

Many popular brands manufacture teeth whitening kits that are supervised by the dentist for home use. These kits come with a mold or tray and a whitening gel that helps to produce whiteness. You can expect professional results with these products.

2. Toothpaste Whitening:

Although toothpaste is often considered ineffective in achieving results, they work well if used properly. You must choose the best whitening kinds of toothpaste containing peroxide as an active ingredient. Brushing your teeth with whitening toothpaste can give your teeth a much whiter color in a few days.

3. Teeth Whitening Strips:

Teeth whitening strips are thin layers of flexible bands or cuddles designed to whiten teeth. These strips are coated with bleaching gel and are also convenient to use. Without mixing the elements of business management, without errors, put the strip on your teeth and observe the color change of your teeth.

4. Teeth whitening with a brush:

whitening teeth with a brush, whitening agents are the best option for instant whiteness. You can use it directly after a meal or daily instead of trays or whitening strips. It is often chosen because it is more convenient to use.


The options are only effective if you know how to keep your teeth. Dental hygiene is the first step towards whiteness.

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