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Under Eye Wrinkles: How I get rid of it in 90 seconds


As we age, our skin is affected by many years of unhealthy habits, exposure to the sun, toxins, pollution and many other things we are exposed to every day. It is important to protect the skin around the eyes to prevent under eye wrinkles because it is very delicate and wrinkles very easily.

Unfortunately, these wrinkles under the eye make you look older, tired and less attractive. It is therefore important to know how to get rid of wrinkles under your eyes and how to protect your skin from new damage.

Causes of wrinkles under the eyes

  • Constitution – naturally by birth because of the muscular structure.
  • Aging – the muscles have sagged with age.
  • Dehydrated skin – wrinkles on the skin due to loss of moisture.
  • Lack of muscles, especially in thin people.

Tips to avoid wrinkles under the eye.

  1. Apply a moisturizer regularly.
  2. Air conditioners and heaters tend to dry out the skin. Therefore, apply a heavier moisturizer if you work in these conditions.
  3. Do not stretch or pull the delicate skin under the eyes or the skin of the face.
  4. Do not go out in the hot sun. Bring an umbrella, wear sunglasses and apply sun creams before sunbathing.
  5. Avoid smoking.
  6. Eat chickpeas and soybeans regularly.
  7. Drink a lot of milk.
  8. Practice yoga and meditation regularly.


Natural way to reduce wrinkles around the eye

Although most people like to think that skin treatment is the most effective way to reduce wrinkles, the reality is that there are natural ways to reduce wrinkles, improve skin health and look younger.

In fact, you must apply these healthy and natural lifestyle habits to avoid further damage to the skin and improve your skin from the inside out:

  • Drink plenty of water every day, it will keep your skin out of toxins.
  • Avoid exposure to the sun. Too much sun exposure can cause severe skin damage and dull skin.
  • Sleep well every night and avoid stress.
  • Calm your eyes with a refreshing compress every day, you can use slices of cucumber.

Anti-wrinkle creams are available at the counter.

Over the counter, creams can be very beneficial for the skin as long as they do not contain harsh chemicals, the skin around the eyes is very sensitive and must avoid harsh substances to avoid irritation and dryness.

Some of the best eye creams or gels are made from natural ingredients such as avocado extract, Cynergy TK, manuka honey, shea butter, coenzyme Q10, vitamin E and also innovative natural compounds for eye wrinkles, such as Eyeliss. and haloxyl.

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To get rid of wrinkles under the eye, you have to be consistency in whatever treatment you choose to follow. Consistency is key to seeing the result.

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