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The Ultimate Guide On How To Rid Of Foot Cramps | Remedies For Leg Cramps


One of the most common injuries you experience when you run is calf or foot cramps/leg cramps. Do you want to know more about the causes of foot cramps and how to avoid them? Then check out this article. Some discoveries might surprise you.

Foot cramps, also known as leg cramps, are the most common injuries in the race, which all runners experience at some point, sooner or later. Why do runners have foot cramps? What you have to do when you have them? How can you prevent them? These are the most frequently asked questions by people about foot cramps. This article attempts to answer these questions and explain a couple of things about them.

Why do runners have leg cramps?

For such a common problem, it is interesting to note that practicing experts do not have an exhaustive explanation of the causes of leg cramps. Several factors that may contribute to foot cramps have been identified. These include too much exercise / stress, dehydration, poor nutrition, etc.

Too much exercise

Stress is one of the known causes of foot cramps. When your legs are tired and you stretch your calf muscles, leg cramps can hit you suddenly. That’s the way the muscle protects itself and says, “Dude, I have enough for today.” Of course, maybe tomorrow, certainly the next day, but not more today!


Although the link between dehydration and foot cramps is unclear, it is argued that this is a reason for foot cramps. Therefore, cramps in calves can also be caused by dehydration. If so, it could explain why many people suffer from leg cramps at night. I almost never have cramps in my legs (touch the wood!), But when I have them, it’s often in the middle of the night or when I wake up. Because we do not drink during the night and we are usually lying under warm blankets, we are completely dehydrated.

Bad nutrition

Sodium, potassium and magnesium are the essential elements of runners’ diets. When missing, it is said that a runner is subject to foot cramps. This could be the other reason why we have foot cramps at night because we are not refueling while we sleep.


As a result, stress, dehydration or poor nutrition are linked to foot cramps. It is striking that there is no clear answer to such a common phenomenon.

What to do when you have running foot cramps?

If you feel foot cramps increase during your career, it is best to slow down. You may be able to continue walking or running just on the threshold of leg cramps or not. When they are affected, you will have no choice but to stop your career.

Then try to get rid of foot cramps by stretching and massaging them. A known step of the calves is to keep the heels on the ground, to lift the toes and reach them with the hands. Once the pain is relieved, you can try to start running again, but at a slower speed. Also try to avoid sudden turns, basically anything that can put extra pressure on your calves. Reduce the race as much as possible and then make sure you have a good hot shower. After that, apply some heat to the calves, for example. Via tiger balm, arnica oil. This will help the blood circulation.

How to prevent cramps in the legs?

Usually, you will know why you had running foot cramps. You could have pushed too hard; You may have ignored your diet and fluid intake. As stated previously, it is believed that all of these factors contribute to leg cramps. Therefore, future prevention depends on your critical opinion of these factors and the establishment of the cause. When you run to be faster and fit, you will occasionally have an attack of leg cramps. But if you feel that you are doing all right and that you keep coming back, then, instead of going to your usual training, find the article, run to see a doctor!