tips for achieving beautiful eyebrows

Bold is better: 5 tips for achieving beautiful eyebrows forever!


Tips achieving beautiful eyebrows when it comes to winter our beauty game tends to be thrown through a loop. Suddenly our skin gets dry, our lips chapped and our eyes water from the winds. Basically, that means that all our favorite beauty looks get bumped up by about 10 difficulty points. You know one thing that doesn’t get harder? Achieving beautiful eyebrows. Yep, if you have perfectly groomed brows your whole beauty game will become easier because you can dial back the products and make your gorgeous brows the focus.


If you’re a fan of getting your eyebrows shaped professionally then you have definitely heard of Benefit’s legendary Brow Bars where you can get your brows professionally shaped in a flash. I asked Benefit’s National Brow Artist, Hannah Terret, for her top tips for achieving your most beautiful eyebrows ever and these tips are so good I want to print them on a billboard.

1. Find the right shape for your eyebrows. 

And stick to it! At Benefit, we do this using our signature “Brow Mapping” technique. This is a three-step custom technique to help you map out where your brows should start, arch, and end so you can achieve the right shape for your face. It’s impossible to have brows that are 100% symmetrical; however, having them shaped regularly by an arch expert can get them pretty close. Adding symmetry and balance versus removing too much growth is key to achieving the perfect bold brow.


2. Get a tint. 

There is a strong myth that eyebrow tinting simply darkens your brow color – not so! Tinting helps to lift the desired fullness from the brow by adding semi-permanent shadow to your shape. Lasting 2-3 weeks, a custom color tint is great for all brow shapes and colors and is the perfect addition to achieving the desired shape short and long term. Brows look best when they are 1-2 shades deeper than your natural hair color.

3. Enhance your shape.

To build on your shape, brow products are the pixie dust to bringing your brows to life. Using an angle brush, buff your brow product into the roots of the hair in soft feathery strokes using a back and forth teasing technique, this enables your brows to appear voluminous from the base and less product top heavy. Tame brows back using a spoolie brush then brush them up to keep the brow lifted. I love “Brow Zings” for runway ready brows.

4. Add some volume to your eyebrows.

Next, create fullness by using a volumizing product. Benefit‘s Gimme Brow is the perfect go-to product for this look. Brush the tinted gel through the brow and follow with a clear brow gel to get them looking extra full and fluttery.

5. Highlight and define. 

Finish off your brows by applying a highlighter under the brows to keep the brow area lifted and highlight your arch. Sweep it underneath the very beginning of the brow all the way to the end to open up the eye area and create an extra symmetrical look.


If you’re considering getting your brows professionally shaped then I highly recommend Benefit’s Brow Bars — plus this month you’ll also be helping some awesome causes too!

What are your tips for achieving beautiful eyebrows? Got any brow tips or tricks of your own? Do you do your own brows or get them done professionally? We want all the answers in our comments below!

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