How to fix chipped nail polish in just a few minutes

Chipped nail polish

Chipped nail polish is the worst, there is no doubt about it. Surely it’s almost purely for this reason that shellac and SNS nails have got so damn popular in recent years … they just don’t chip!


In the beauty and fashion world today, there is nothing less chic than sporting a manicured hand with chipped polish, and most ladies will go to any lengths to avoid this. But even with the most expensive lacquers and top of the range top coats, nail polish will always end up chipping. After a week or so this is just to be expected, I suppose, but how bad is it when you just got your manicure done a few days ago and it happens?

Well, I have a handy little tip for you how to fix your chipped nails, and it is seriously easy. You don’t need nail polish remover, it only takes a few minutes and dries super quickly as well! So next time you’re a little time poor and in need of a fresh mani, try out this little trick instead … It works absolute wonders!

What you’ll need to fix chipped nail fixed:

  • Nail polish — the same shade as your original manicure, of course!
  • A toothpick
  • Clear top coat


  1. Dip the toothpick into the bottle of nail polish and, using the toothpick as a super small brush, paint the lacquer onto the part of your nail that as chipped off.
  2. Let this dry, and then apply a clear top coat. This is important as it will bind the new coat of lacquer to the old, sealing them together so it doesn’t look like an obvious re-touch!
  3. Once the top coat is dry, you’re good to go!


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