daily Makeup Routine from a Lash and Brow

How to cut down your daily Makeup Routine from a Lash and Brow Expert


We sat down with Merryn Clear, the director of Elegant Lashes Company, to find out her top tips for achieving amazing brows and lashes talking about her makeup routine! Elegant Lashes has two salons located in Sydney and specializes in eyelash extensions. Find out more about Merryn and all her beauty secrets below …


What are your top 5 can’t-live-without beauty products when talking about makeup routine?

  • My volume lash extensions from Elegant Lashes. I like a subtle look; not too much longer than my natural lashes but fluffy and full.
  • Everyday Minerals Semi-Matte Base
  • Arianrhod Aromatics Rosehip Moisturiser
  • Napoleon Perdis lipstick in Grace
  • Soap and Glory Heel Genius

Tell us a bit about your career so far and how you got there?

I used to work in film and TV production and after the Global Financial Crisis happened work got pretty scarce. I’ve always been good with my hands and happened to come across training for eyelash extensions — which I loved wearing and still do!

I went on to sublet a small room at a salon in Bondi Beach and the whole thing just grew from there. We now have 15 staff, two salons and a wholesale team. Our staff are clever, kind, amazing people and the business is what it is today because of them!

At Elegant Lashes we specialize in services that cut down daily makeup routine; lash extensions and lash lifts, brow shaping and hair stroke brow tattooing (also known as feathering or feather brows) and spray tanning — we are very good at what we do! The majority of our clients are very much into fitness — leading busy, active lifestyles so they come to us for a solution that can ensure they will look fantastic without the hassle of daily, time-consuming makeup routines.

Which beauty secret do you swear by?

A set of lash extensions from Elegant Lashes! Not only do these eliminate the need for eye makeup but will boost confidence by providing a glamorous, youthful, open-eyed look that stays in place 24/7!  

Describe a typical working day.

My two kids wake up that means the start of a day. They are still very young so I manage to parent with running Elegant Lashes. Some days I get a full day’s work, sometimes not as much as I like. I work on the business from my home office and our two salons. My laptop is my workhorse and usually needs replacing after a year. Cloud computing is a game changer.

Who is your beauty inspiration?

Our staff and our clients. There have been so many things I have learned from them. It’s the hive mind. You get to tap into a whole wealth of beauty knowledge being in the industry.

Which beauty trends are you loving at the moment?

Short manicured nails. Practical and pretty. Long nails are out.

Walk us through your daily makeup application.


I like being pre-prepared, it’s what we are all about at Elegant Lashes. I wear volume lash extensions and have had my brows feather tattooed so I don’t have to do much in the morning. I rinse and moisturize, a dusting of mineral makeup and blush and some lip color and I am good to go. As a parent and a beach girl, a low maintenance routine is all I have time for most days.

Most embarrassing beauty blunder of all time?

The time I got a blunt short fringe.

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daily Makeup Routine from a Lash and Brow