Cystic Bacne

Cystic Bacne: How To Get Rid Of It | Natural Remedy for Cystic Acne


Cystic Bacne, also known as back acne is the pores of the back which is blocked by an excess of sebum on the surface of the skin. With sebum, they attract bacteria, which promotes the formation of cystic bacne. While body treatment for the treatment of acne on the back is identical to facial acne, the back is more complicated because it is larger and is not easily accessible. To get rid of acne and heal it also takes a lot more time.

Here Are 11 Tips To Prevent and Cure Back Acne (Cystic Bacne).

  1. Always find a way to thoroughly wash your back during the shower to unclog clogged pores, dead skin and remove impurities. You can turn to a back cleanser or just a towel with which you place it behind your back and with your hands back, gently slip the towel on your back horizontally. In addition, rinse your back thoroughly to remove any soap or shampoo containing chemicals that may cause dry skin and itching. Your acne back can be irritated.
  2. Avoid wearing tight clothing as they can irritate and cause acne.
  3. Use special soaps containing salicylic acid to wash your back and remove excess oil.
  4. The use of dried green tea leaves is a natural healer.
  5. You can use aloe vera cream to soothe and refresh acne from the back. The green tea anti-acne cream is a good choice because it will nourish your skin and the tea extract has incredible healing benefits.
  6. Your acne on the back can sometimes be itchy, but never squeeze it or expel it, as it spreads the infection to other areas of your skin and may contribute to the spread of acne. Plus, you can leave small holes in the skin when you eliminate the germ and make it ugly. Blood could also come out.
  7. Stress is the main cause of acne because it is responsible for the excessive production of hormones in your body. When the latter generates too many hormones, the sebaceous glands produce more sebum and the surplus of sebum, also called sebum, appears on the surface of the skin. This is how you can get oily skin because of this sticky substance called sebum. Oily skin is prone to acne. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid stress as much as possible or treat it effectively by relaxation, exercise, yoga, deep breathing techniques, tai chi, meditation, hot baths and forgetfulness of your daily life. problems, among others.
  8. After exercise, be sure to take a shower a few minutes after cooling down. You must wash sweat because it can clog pores, which can cause acne. Speaking of exercise, do it regularly because it will prevent you from having acne. In our lives, we are stressed and, as mentioned above, this leads to overproduction of hormones and exercise has the advantage of rebalancing the excess hormones caused by stress. Take part in physical activities such as jogging, brisk walking, cycling, and swimming, for example. Static exercises can also help.
  9. Pay attention to your nutrition. Some foods do not go well with acne to some extent. Excessive consumption of alcohol, coffee, chocolate, fatty and fatty foods, processed foods and saturated fats is not recommended. They can aggravate your acne or delay the healing process. If you follow a healthy diet, prevent acne from degenerating and speed up your treatment.
  10. Drink plenty of water a day, at least 8 glasses to remove toxins from your body. Toxins can trigger acne.
  11. Sleep and rest properly every day, as people who are sleep deprived tend to be nervous and easily stressed. Their minds and bodies are tired and can not cope with the demands of life.


Natural treatment for cystic bacne.

In most cases, you can get rid of acne by making changes to your lifestyle and using home remedies. Here are some things you can do to get rid of your acne:

1. Shower after a workout

Letting sweat and dirt settle on your skin after a workout can be a big factor in acne. Ditch as soon as possible after a workout. You should also wash the sweaty workout clothes between sweat sessions.

2. Exfoliate

Use a gentle exfoliant containing ingredients such as salicylic acid to remove dirt and extra oils from the skin. This can help reduce the amount of dead skin that could clog the pores.

3. Wear loose clothing

Your workout habits can irritate acne. For example, tight clothes can trap dirt and sweat and rub them in the cystic bacne. Exercising without a shirt against a sweaty gym device or on a dirty floor can also cause problems. Wear loose clothing that allows you to breathe in your skin and help absorb perspiration.

4. Try tea tree oil

As many of do know that tea tree oil is made from the leaves of a tree in Australia. Australians have been using it for years to treat various skin problems. Nowadays, you can find many lotions, cleansers, and creams containing this ingredient. Some evidence suggests that it could help treat acne by eliminating additional bacteria.

5. Keep your hair away from your back

Long hair can add oil and dirt to the skin of the back, causing acne breakouts. Wash your hair regularly and put it in a bun or pigtail during sweat sessions. Also, do not let the conditioner or shampoo run down your back. The ingredients in these products may contribute to clogged pores.

6. Choose a sunscreen with care

Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is important, especially if you expose your bareback. But a greasy sunscreen can also help clog pores. Be sure to choose oil-free, lightweight products on the skin.

7. Eat healthily

I guess You must have heard the phrase “are you what you eat?” An unhealthy diet can affect our body in many ways. If you are prone to acne, some foods could be triggers. Research shows that foods with a high glycemic index (GI), which causes blood sugar levels to rise rapidly, can make acne worse. These foods include white bread, white pasta, rice, and white potatoes.

It is a good policy to practice a healthy and balanced diet with several:

  • The vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Lean proteins
  • Whole grains

Below are a few selected questions answered by Cystic Bacne (Back Acne) expert.

Why do I have acne on my back?

Having acne on your back which is known as cystic bacne and chest is a sign that your acne is more likely to be serious. Your back, like your face, contains many sebaceous glands that secrete sebum, a fatty substance. Sebum, as well as dead skin cells and bacteria, can accumulate in the hair follicles of the back and clog them.

Which bath gel is good for back acne?

Technically, it’s for the face, but it clarifies cystic bacne like a boss. This citrus-scented cleaner is a fan favorite at the pharmacy, and for good reason. The bath gel contains salicylic acid, vitamin C and grapefruit extract, all brilliant heroes who exploit the zit, but they will only cost you about $ 6.

In what manner do I use tea tree oil to get rid of cystic bacne?

Spot treat with tea tree oil. This scented essential oil has strong antibacterial properties that make it a powerful treatment against acne. Apply the oil to your skin with a cotton swab or sponge; It will enter the clogged pores and dry the grease stains.

What is the best soap for back acne? (Cystic bacne)

Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash. With a refreshing and cleansing formula, Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash helps treat and prevent outbreaks without drying or irritating the skin. It contains salicylic acid as an active ingredient and its non-comedogenic formula does not clog pores.

Is Dove soap good for acne?

First, you may need a skin care product that is a bit more expensive than a $ 1 soap of Dove soap. (Never use Ivory, it could clog your pores.) … If you do not have the $ 5 to $ 20 needed for a good acne skin cleanser, you can do it with Dove soap.

Is Cetaphil good for body acne?

The daily facial cleanser for normal to oily skin is the acne skin cleanser that should be used if Cetaphil Skin Cleanser is not powerful enough to remove makeup. There is only one problem with this product in some people with acne.

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